hyDRONE team is a research group of physical geographers and enthusiasts in drone-based technologies, applying the innovative technologies of unmanned aerial imaging, photogrammetry, remote sensing and image analysis in hydrological and geoecological research and teaching. 
We are based at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology. 

Prof. Jakub Langhammer

Ph.D. students:
Theodora Lendzioch 
Robert Minařík

Master students:
Jakub Šolc
Michal Vrábel

Tomáš Stanovský (2018)
Tereza Vacková (2016)
Michal Lörinc (2015)

HyDrone team in action - snow cover imaging campaign at Filipova huť, Sumava mts., 2016

Directions of research
- Fluvial dynamics of montane streams
- Analysis and mapping of flood effects 
- Fusion of drone-based imagery with LiDAR data
- Fusion of UAV photogrammetry and digital optical granulometry 
- Application of UAV photogrammetry in hydrodynamic modeling
- Analysis of forest disturbance and regeneration
- Assessment of stream restorations 
- Detection of eutrophication processes
- Mapping the snow cover dynamics
- Habitat mapping

Research projects
2019-2021 UAS monitoring of river systems response to forest disturbance (EU COST Action CA16219, LTC 19024, PI: Jakub Langhammer)

2018-2020 Monitoring of peat bog habitats using UAV-based multispectral digital photogrammetry (GAUK78318, PI: Theodora Lendzioch)

2018-19 UAV monitoring of the dynamics of the spread of bark beetle in Prague´s forests. (Prague Environment grants MHMP DOT/54/12/ 013649/2018, PI: Jakub Langhammer)

2017-2019 Analysis of disturbance and regeneration of forest vegetation using UAV multispectral photogrammetry (GAUK824217, PI: Robert Minařík)

2015-2017 Impact of landscape disturbance on the stream and basin connectivity. (EU COST Action 1306, LD15130, PI: Jakub Langhammer)

2012-2014 The impact of disturbance on the dynamics of fluvial processes in mountain landscapes (Czech Science Foundation GAČR P209/12/0997, PI: Jakub Langhammer)

Imaging technology
Aerial platforms
We are operating several multi-rotor imaging platforms, each with specific area of application both in research and teaching:

DJI Matrice 210 RTK
Industrial grade multirotor platform with four propellers, RTK positioning precision, able carry multiple sensors at once and with long endurance even in low temperatures. Our platform is equipped with a range of cameras and sensors - high-resolution RGB and NIR cameras, MicaSense RedEdge multispectral sensor and a LiDAR.

Mikrokopter OctoXL
Advanced aerial platform, with eight propellers, able to operate with high payload and to carry different cameras. This platform is used mainly for multispectral imaging of vegetation dynamics and landscape changes using the uMCA sensor.

DJI Inspire 1 Pro
Advanced platform coupled with the various sensors, including the RGB Zenmuse X5 camera with interchangeable lenses, NIR-G_B camera and a Flir XT thermal sensor, used for mapping and analysis of fluvial processes, flood effects, snow cover or vegetation changes.


We employ different sensors for our research:
- Tetracam uMCA snap, the six-band multispectral sensor for imaging in visible, red-edge and NIR spectral bands
- Micasense RedEdge, five band multispectral sensor 
- Tetracam ADC NIR agricultural camera
- DJI Zenmuse X3 NIR-G-B sensor
- DJI Zenmuse Flir XT thermal sensor
- DJI Zenmuse X5 16 Mpx panchromatic camera with interchangeable lenses
- DJI Zenmuse X4 20Mpx panchromatic camera 
- Panasonic DX7 16 Mpx panchromatic camera  with interchangeable lenses
- Velodyne VLP-16 Puck Lite LiDAR sensor

Research papers
LENDZIOCH, T., LANGHAMMER, J., VLČEK, L., MINAŘÍK, R., 2021. Mapping the Groundwater Level and Soil Moisture of a Montane Peat Bog Using UAV Monitoring and Machine Learning. Remote Sensing. 13(5):907.

MINAŘÍK, R., LANGHAMMER, J., LENDZIOCH, T., 2020.   Automatic Tree Crown Extraction from UAS Multispectral Imagery for the Detection of Bark Beetle Disturbance in Mixed Forests. Remote Sensing. 2020, 12, 4081. (IF 4.509)

MINAŘÍK, R.; LANGHAMMER, J.; HANUŠ, J., 2019. Radiometric and Atmospheric Corrections of Multispectral µMCA Camera for UAV Spectroscopy. Remote Sensing. 2019, 11, 2428. (IF 4,118) DOI: 10.3390/rs11202428

LANGHAMMER, J., 2019. UAV Monitoring of Stream Restorations. Hydrology, 6(2), 29; DOI:10.3390/hydrology6020029

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LANGHAMMER, J., JANSKÝ, B., KOCUM, J., MINAŘÍK, R., 2018. 3-D reconstruction of an abandoned montane reservoir using UAV photogrammetry, aerial LiDAR and field survey. Applied Geography. 98, 9–21. IF=3.117

LANGHAMMER, J., VACKOVÁ, T., 2018. Detection and Mapping of the Geomorphic Effects of Flooding Using UAV Photogrammetry. Pure and Applied Geophysics. Online first. DOI:10.1007/s00024-018-1874-1 IF = 1.652

LANGHAMMER, J., BERNSTEINOVÁ, J., MIŘIJOVSKÝ, J., 2017. Building a High-Precision 2D Hydrodynamic Flood Model Using UAV Photogrammetry and Sensor Network Monitoring.Water 9, 861. doi:10.3390/w9110861 IF=1.832

Langhammer, J., Lendzioch, T., Miřijovský, J., Hartvich, F., 2017. UAV-Based Optical Granulometry as Tool for Detecting Changes in Structure of Flood Depositions. Remote Sensing, 9(3), p.240. IF=3.244

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Lendzioch, T., Langhammer, J. and Jenicek, M., 2016. Tracking Forest and Open Area Effects on Snow Accumulation by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Photogrammetry. ISPRS-International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, pp.917-923.

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LÖRINC, M., 2015. UAV photogrammetry as tool for evaluation of fluvio-morphological changes of streams. Bachelor thesis. Charles University in Prague. 

Conference presentations

vEGU 2021
Minarik, R., Langhammer, J.Lendzioch, T., 2021. Automatic Tree Crown Feature Extraction from UAS Multispectral Imagery for the Detection of Bark Beetle Disturbance in an Urban Forest 

vEGU 2021
Lendzioch, T., Langhammer, J., Vlcek, L. and  Minarik, R. 2021. Mapping the groundwater level and soil moisture of a montane peat bog using UAV monitoring and machine learning 

vEGU 2021
Langhammer, J. 2021. UAV monitoring of urban stream restoration sustainability 

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EGU Vienna 2018
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ISPRS Prague 2016

ISPRS Prague 2016

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IAG Paris 2013 
Langhammer, J., Hartvich, F., Miřijovský, J., Kaiglová, J. 2013: Coarse sediment study in small mid-mountain catchments: a multidisciplinary attitude

Prof. Jakub Langhammer
Dept. of Physical Geography and Geoecology
Faculty of Science
Charles University in Prague